Reduce Violent Crime

We must come together to address the urgent matter of violent crime in Alachua County. By confronting the underlying issues of poverty and lack of education, we can bring about a future where our streets are safe, and our children can live without fear.

  • Embrace community-oriented policing strategies
  • Invest in programs that prevent violence from taking root
  • Forge strong bonds between law enforcement and community organizations
  • Uphold mental health and addiction treatment as vital resources

Increase Affordable Housing

We envision an Alachua County where all everyone has access to affordable homes. We will strive to ensure that every family has a decent place to live, regardless of their income.

  • Champion the development of affordable housing units
  • Stand up for renters’ rights and safeguard against unjust evictions
  • Foster partnerships with developers in pursuit of affordable housing projects
  • Support housing assistance programs for families in need

Protect Our Natural Resources

Our county is endowed with bountiful natural resources, and it is our moral duty to protect them for our children and their children. We shall adopt policies that prioritize environmental conservation and encourage sustainable practices.

  • Defend our waterways, wetlands, and wildlife habitats
  • Advocate responsible land use and development
  • Support initiatives for renewable energy
  • Encourage recycling and waste reduction endeavors

Encourage Economic Development

Prosperity for all is essential to the fabric of our society. We will work to create an environment in Alachua County that nurtures economic growth and offers opportunities for everyone to succeed.

  • Empower local businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Attract new industries and investments to uplift our region
  • Invest in workforce development and job training initiatives
  • Enhance infrastructure to facilitate commerce

Build an Inclusive Community

We dream of a diverse and inclusive Alachua County where all individuals feel welcome and are treated with dignity. We will labor to build a community that embraces our differences and fosters unity.

  • Promote policies that advance equity and social justice
  • Encourage dialogue and understanding among distinct cultural groups
  • Support programs that address disparities in education, health, and economic prospects
  • Champion diverse representation in local government and leadership

Support Our Community Academic Partners

Alachua County is blessed with esteemed educational institutions. It is crucial that we cultivate strong partnerships between our community and these academic institutions, nurturing a vibrant and skilled workforce for the future.

  • Collaborate with local schools and universities on initiatives that benefit the community
  • Support funding for research and innovation endeavors
  • Advocate for accessible educational opportunities for all residents
  • Strengthen the ties between academia and local industries

Plan for Sustainable Growth

As our county continues to grow, let us ensure that this growth is sustainable and benefits all members of our community. We shall work together to create a comprehensive plan that harmonizes economic development, environmental preservation, and social equity.

  • Craft a long-term vision for land use and transportation
  • Promote smart growth principles in urban planning
  • Prioritize green spaces and natural habitats in development projects
  • Guarantee that infrastructure and public services can accommodate our county’s future growth