Meet DeJeon

Introducing DeJeon Cain: A Beacon of Hope for Alachua County’s Bright Future


DeJeon Cain is a dedicated servant of the public, a triumphant entrepreneur, and a lifelong son of Alachua County. Over the better part of two decades, DeJeon has fought ceaselessly, like a lone drum major, for justice, advocating for the flourishing and wellbeing of his kinfolk and brethren. His rich tapestry of experience incorporates participation in various city committees, most notably as the helmsman of the affordable housing commission and the Gainesville Human Rights Board, while making impactful decisions as a member of the Development Review Board.


Yet, DeJeon is not a mere creature of habit – he is a refreshing change agent imbued with the precious wisdom and insight that only a seasoned public servant can carry. His background as a guardian of the law and proprietor of Fortitude Security, a private security and patrol firm, gives DeJeon a unique understanding of the crime and safety trials that touch our county.


Today, Alachua County stands at the crossroads of numerous urgent matters that shape the everyday existence of our community. The composition of our commission will mold the face of our cherished county for epochs to come, and DeJeon dreams of using this opportunity to weave a safe, sustainable, and liveable Alachua County. With inclusive policies and a pledge to respond to the needs of all citizens, DeJeon envisions an Alachua County where none are forgotten or neglected, and where we join hands to safeguard our green lungs, and historical neighborhoods, and lay emphasis on embracing technology and renewable resources.


As we look to choose the right torchbearer for Alachua County Commission District One, DeJeon stands as the forward-gazing and battle-tested shepherd that this community yearns for. His unfaltering devotion to uphold the spirit of our neighborhoods, guaranteeing the safety of our budding flowers – our children, and advocating for a future underscored by progressive energy policies sets DeJeon as the beacon we should turn to.


So, as you make your sacred journey to the ballot box, we ask you to consider DeJeon Cain – a faithful servant of the people, a creative entrepreneur, and an inspiring dream weaver for Alachua County’s tomorrow. Let’s join hands in the march towards making our county the greatest it can possibly be, for every soul that calls it home.